There are lots of places to go to find places to go!

Take a look at these Search Engines:

Excite* Hotbot* Lycos* Google* DuckDuckGo* Marginalia* AllTheWeb

Or these Directories:

Yahoo* Netscape Open(Newhoo)* MiningCo(* BigEye

and surf away!
If that's not enough,look for more at CNET's or at CompletePlanet or Beaucoup ....or learn more about search engines at ResearchBuzz or SearchEngineWatch. (Be PrivacySavvy if you want to RestorePrivacy)
Options include Metasearch sites like Ask Jeeves* Dogpile/ Metacrawler/Metafind* Chubba* ISleuth(TheBigHub)* Mamma* SearchTheNet* Surfy* One2Seek* Whoogle* Ixquick(Startpage)* Clusty/Yippy* Researchville/Highbeam* Draze* shut down:InferenceFind* ProFusion* 1Blink/All4One / SearchAllInOne* Cyber411(C4)* 2QQuickQuest* GoTo* Webtaxi* Highway61* QueryServer* Privado(now blog)* SuperSeek(Gogettem) /