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We are the first Internet Service Provider based in Putnam County,and the most flexible and affordable in the entire Upper Westchester-Putnam calling area.

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We opened for paying business on February 1,1996 after some months of setup and testing,and in September 1997 upgraded our Net connection to full T1 level,our dialup number connecting directly to our main server network,and from there we our high speed connection (formerly to the triple-backboned New York Net,later part of Verio....since 2001 directly to the AT&T backbone).We're looking into integrating a higher speed connection (near T3) also available at our premises.

We have historically been a dialup access provider,providing service up to 33K to the Upper Westchester/Putnam calling area while chary of higher-speed options only available to certain parts of it or with certain hardware.We feature free setup house calls when needed.

Essentially,we provide connectivity and server space,and this can take the form of co-location of users' computers on our LAN as well as their use of our connection and disks.